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Another sort of debut

WritingPosted by Pelotard 2009-11-26 00:18:50

No, I'm not talking literary debut here. I'm talking about a Senior Moment.

I was rushing downtown for lunch yesterday - this was sort of writing-related, as I wanted to pick up a novel by someone whom it might be reasonable to compare my writing to when I finally go ahead and pitch.

I became so engrossed in the book that I accidentally jumped on the wrong train back to work. I was two stations past the junction when I noticed. My lunch hour lasted two full hours.

When it was time to take the bus home, I couldn't find my season ticket. I looked everywhere, but finally had to give up and pay the ticket with my mobile phone instead. (Bus drivers here don't take cash, they got robbed once too often. I text the company and they text a ticket back.)

Twenty minutes later, I found myself in a completely unfamiliar neighbourhood, well after dark. I was on the wrong bus.

I jumped off, oriented myself by the reflected streetlights on the clouds and strode off towards the main road, fortunately finding a bus stop immediately. Then I found my season ticket in the one pocket I apparently had neglected to check.

I had a Senior Moment lasting an entire freaking day.

Is it possible that I've already had several, only my memory has lapsed...?

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