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What kind of weird title is this, anyway?

WritingPosted by Pelotard 2009-11-09 22:51:19

Granted, it is easy to misunderstand the title of this blog, especially since I will probably write about my own writing every now and then. And I certainly don’t intend my own writing to be impopular, even if we still have to see how that turns out.

Nor do I plan to write only about culture which is impopular. Frankly, if it’s impopular, chances are I haven’t heard about it. And anyway, if it’s impopular in its own right, who in their right minds would like to read someone’s comments on it?

We might be coming a bit closer if we assume that my opinions on culture are going to impopular. Again, this will not be by design. But I will certainly not hold back from saying something just because I think others might disagree. (I’d never say anything, in that case.)

But to be honest, what I did was only to sit one day and think a bit about the expression ”popular culture”. It seemed odd that there was no concept called ”impopular culture”. A quick check on a famous search engine showed that the expression didn’t seem to exist at all - the only hits were in something that looked like Spanish, and presumably meant something else altogether.

So, here it is. Impopular culture. You’re invited to help me fill the concept with a meaning.

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